Parish Community Life Committee

The Parish Community Life Committee is responsible for promoting Christian community in the parish and strengthening relationships of all individuals within the parish. The committee plans social gatherings and events and stirs community interest in such events. Yearly, this typically means shopping for and organizing numerous potluck dinners, a parish picnic, monthly wine and cheese celebrations and several small receptions. We also hold receptions to welcome new members into our church.

Working with the Parish Community Life Committee is a great way for people who are busy during the week to become volunteers for the parish and it requires only a minimum amount of time on the day of the activity which is usually held on Saturday after Mass and coffee and continental after Mass on Sunday. On the day of the event, committee members set up the social hall, put out the food and clean up.

Parish Grounds and Maintenance Committee

This committee is responsible for the care of the parish facilities, including the care and upkeep of the parish buildings and grounds.

Building: Maintaining the interior of the church is a big job, but with a little time from willing parishioners this can be done. We have the cleaning material. All we need are the laborers.

Grounds: This group was responsible for the initial landscaping around our Church and creation of our lovely St. Francis garden. In addition, the group works during the winter months to clear underbrush from the back woods in anticipation of a future meditation area.

The landscape group works hard to keep the scenic setting of our Church looking good. Their efforts not only include planting the trees and ornamentals but they also maintain the areas by weeding, mulching and watering throughout the year.

Another group keeps the lawn neat and trimmed. Without fail, several volunteers are at the church with lawnmowers and weed whackers running every week during the season. Besides caring for the lawn, the group also handles odd jobs around the yard.

As the hot months of summer approach, both groups could use additional help and offer free aerobic exercise in a beautiful environment. Please volunteer and join us.

St. Francis Youth Group

This group works in conjunction with St. Mary’s youth group to participate in diocese outings, church camp, rock climbing, winter tubing, pizza and a movie to a skating party. All youth in grades 6 through 12 are invited to join and participate in activities to be of service to our parish, our communities, and to provide fun and entertainment for our group.