A Short History of St. Edward’s Parish

In 1939 the Catholic community of Pulaski consisted of only three families. The nearest Catholic churches were in Blacksburg and Wytheville. Occasionally Mass was held in someone’s home. At the beginning of World War II with the opening of the Radford Army Ammunition Plant, a great influx of Catholics moved into the area. This created the need for a larger place for Mass.

The Women’s Club on 3rd Street was used for Mass until after the war when St. Edward’s became a mission church of St. Mary’s in Wytheville. The Maple Shade Inn was then used because of the increase in the congregation. In the early 1950’s the Inn was razed and St. Edward’s moved into a storefront on 1st Street in downtown. Later, land was purchased and the construction of St. Edwards was begun.

The church, which consisted of the present day fellowship hall, was dedicated in 1964.

At that time St. Edward’s had become a mission church of St. Jude’s in Radford. After the region was assigned to the Diocese of Richmond, St. Edward’s again became a mission church of St. Mary’s in Wytheville. The present day sanctuary was completed and dedicated in 1998.

Priests serving St. Edward’s:
Fr. George Walker
Fr. John J. O’Reilly
Fr. Leo H. Fohl
Fr. Paul Gallagher
Fr. Edward Sadie
Fr. William Garner
Fr. James Disney
Fr. James Forwalk
Fr. Tom Magri
Fr. James Grealish
Fr. Brian Rafferty
Fr. J Ven Ilano
Fr. Andre Anteoa
Fr. Rene Castillo
Fr. Charles Faul
Fr. Steve Antes
Fr. Bernie Ramirez
Fr. Frank Boateng

(Current Pastor)